February 25, 2013

lingering shadows

Emma Lamb is a blogger and a textile designer, crocheter and online shop owner who also likes to pretend that she is a photographer and stylist. This blog is a place for her to share her creations and inspirations alongside all the wonderful finds and talented creators she discovers within the creative community.
She also runs a Flickr group called 'making everyday beautiful' where she encourage members of the creative community to share and celebrate their creativity through the beautiful moments in their day to day life.
Honored to be featured with my work on her blog today!

February 15, 2013

February 14, 2013


I found my knitted textile card on 
the Etsy SUCCES page today!
It is never too late to send a heart!
knitted card in my shop

ocher & neon dots

I printed the fabric a while ago.
The fabric is very delicate so 
it took some time to finish the edge
...not for sale...

February 12, 2013

orange moon

a new treasury
+orange moon+
+goldfish sleep by Diana de Bord
+letterpress stars by vintage marvels
+triangle scarf by the knit kid
+14K gold necklace by Rand Papel Jewelry
more items here
and listen to

February 11, 2013

turkish red & more

A new treasury
+turkish red & more+
with beautiful items
from Etsy shops

+diamond back tank top by the royal
+talisman by various of
+textile cable lamp by  la casa de coto
+pillow by Oshka Design
see more of my favorite items

February 09, 2013

vase EKWAN

my favorite design
in the vase a deer antler found in Scotland 
cotton bolls from the flower shop

February 08, 2013

like a painting

Inspired by floral still lifes of classical painters
I  photographed the knitted vase KYO in this atmosphere.
I like to experiment with the camera so probably I will show some more darker pictures next time...
Vase KYO will be soon in my shop!

Have a nice weekend!

February 07, 2013

into the woodlands

A new treasury
+walk with me into the woodlands+
with beautiful items
from Etsy shops
+birches by Domatoma
+cross pattern by NestaHome
+silk scarf by Klaradar
+fair isle cardigan by SophieOcheraKnitwear
+mountain lamp by Umbu
+bird art by JKphotography
More items here
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