May 31, 2012

bottle cover BLOOM big

*bottle cover BLOOM-big*
Unlike my other bottle covers this cover has the form of a vase.
Suitable for bottles of different types.
soon in my shop

May 30, 2012

blooming garden (2)

from our garden
-a sprig of Alchemilla vulgaris-vrouwenmantel-
-a sprig of Aruncus-geitenbaard-
-in a plastic fruit bottle with a crochet rim

May 25, 2012


A while ago I made myself an iPhone case.
I used a small knitted/felted sample 
in bright red and white.
I must say it is very functional! 
*Have a nice weekend*

May 24, 2012

▲♢▼ - 2

-knitted this green/white sample today
-draw some vases with prints
-for new bottle covers (that is the idea) be continued.

May 23, 2012


today's work
some graphic prints
inspired by *Andres Amadore 
            *geodestic dome
in black and white

May 22, 2012

May 16, 2012

necklace NUM

NUM is a knitted necklace with small shiny stone 
caught in a knitting. 

The necklace is a long chain with 11 stones 
which you can style in many ways!
        The necklace is handmade of beige/sand cotton.
in my shop here

May 13, 2012


From our garden 
-salomonszegel-polygonatum multiflorum-
in chunky knitted bottle cover EMME

May 10, 2012

ring M A L U

◦ ring MALU ◦
Years ago I made many of these rings. For a while I stopped (I can not remember why).
I like big rings so I made these two new rings 
today with white beach pebbles.
Soon in my shop

May 09, 2012

bonbon lamps

Like these colorful woolen lamps!
Bonbon is a family of handmade lamps made by the Serbian designer Ana Kras
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