October 19, 2011

DELFT at ddw

 stool DELFT
 vase cover DELFT
stool & vase cover DELFT

These two stools will be shown by Etsy NL at one of the largest design events in Europe; the Dutch Design Week in Einhoven  www.DDW.nl /from october 22 to 30). A 'living room' will be decorated and filled with products of (as many) Dutch Design Etsy Sellers!!!  


  1. How fantastic! What a great idea too! Would love to see a photo of the room. Do Etsy NL have a website? And I love this blue vase...
    (I actually found a vase in Ikea that fits my vase covers perfectly)

  2. Great Erica!
    That means lots of exposure for your beautiful stools!

  3. Je blog en werk net ontdekt via cherry blossom world. Wat een fijne ontdekking! Wat maak je prachtige dingen!

    x E.


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