September 05, 2011

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If you plan to go to Oslo it is worth while visiting the spectacular building of the Oslo Opera House(Operahuset). Designed by architects of SnØhetta and opened in 2008.
The architecture is very nordic, you may imagine that the building is an enormous glacier sliding into the fjord.
Creating the illusion of glistering ice by using glass,white granite and Italian marble.
I love the perforated wall panels by artist Olafur Eliasson. 
 -connecting land and sea-

 -3D wall inspired by slowly melting ice 
by Olafur Eliasson-
 -waving wood wall made of oak-
-on the slopes of the roof-

Click here for more images of the Opera house


  1. Oh, your photos are great! I have been wanting to go to Oslo just to see this building. Looks as wonderful as I imagined it would.

  2. That waving wood wall is to-die-for. So beautiful!

  3. Thanks for showing us Erica!
    That oak wall is beautiful ...


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