September 15, 2011

I like...

...this knitted chair designed by 
the danish designer Miriam Ortwed.
The large scale knit is made by hand using very large, 
customized knitting needles. The yarn is also custom made out of recycled cotton fibers


  1. Amazing ... have you ever knitted with such big needles Erica?

  2. This is incredible! How does she do it? I have used large needles to work with chunky wool and I found that too difficult. The chair looks like it is wearing an Aran jumper!

  3. I am always fascinated by knitwear like this but I think it is too difficult and heavy to do. So I stick with my small needles!

  4. Wow. Great find. I'd love to have one of these :-) En ze zien er ook zo comfy uit.


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