July 17, 2011

summer green

After an exciting and amazingly beautiful 7 days walk with my love in the Karwendel mountains of Austria I was pleased to see my NeekaKnits necklace cowl has arrived! (....first hugging my daughters of course who stayed home with grandad before checking the post...)
One week of no worries what to wear (t-shirt, short & hiking boots) it was also nice again to dress up a bit and put on this great knitted necklace cowl(part scarf & part necklace). NeekaKnits made it of a fine silky soft forest green cotton, packed in a lovely cotton sachet together with some sweet words.
I think it is a great design and I am fan!


  1. The photo of you in the mountains is incredible. Just my kind of thing!

  2. Erica, so glad you made it home safely, my goodness what a height! From what I read you must have had a wonderful time...

    The necklace is very nice on you!

  3. I love the photo of you wearing your gorgeous necklace. Your ' walk' certainly looks a wee bit more strenuous and adventurous than any of my summer strolls across the nearby hills. Looks great fun!


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