June 29, 2011

stool gobi

Hema stool with crocheted cover & a glimpse of vase TILLI at the background.
I made the cover with a 100% cotton crochet yarn in a light sandy color and a fluorescent pink accent.

June 28, 2011


Today I received the mini business cards & labels I ordered at MOO. Great site for all your printed paperwork. Create and customize labels, stickers, postcards etc. online. 

Today my work is featured at an inspirational blog APRILandMAY.
April and May is a home, a picture, a story, feeling and a smile. 

June 21, 2011

printed vase cover TILLI

-TILLI vase cover-

A few weeks ago I showed here some of my ideas for screen printing. Meanwhile I have printed many samples and still working on some of these designs because some samples turned to be unexpectedly beautiful and some not as nice as I hoped for. This one succeeded!
This vase cover is made of  a colorful knitting with a screen printed black lace pattern. Inside this vase cover is a glass milk bottle. TILLI vase cover is listed in my Etsy shop

June 19, 2011

young talent

My daughters had a goal this weekend. Designing clothes that had to be sewn by meTheir ideas were clear and the results beautiful!! Nina and Eli were very happy with their design and willing to pose.
Nina (10 years)
-asymmetrical black top with flower application-
Eli (9 years)
-white stretch top with drapery- 

June 07, 2011

few experiments

Few experiments.
What is it going to be?
I made a few knitted samples planning to print this lace pattern on. This part of the process I like the most, not knowing how it will end...but in my head it will be beautiful!
To be continued....
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