May 08, 2011

Isle of Mull - part one

We stayed for one week at the Isle of Mull-Schotland-. Enjoying camping, walking up Ben More the highest peak of the island - we had spectacular views over sea and cliffs - visiting some uninhabited islands - visiting pretty Hebridean villages - watching sheep, seals, puffins and golden eagles - waking up every morning with the most beautiful views at Loch na Keal...  
Loch na Keal
Ben More


  1. It has been a while...but your photos remind me of how beautiful it is on Mull. And it looks like the weather was good to you!

    I'm intrigued by how you got there?

  2. It's a fascinating isle and we had lots of sunshine! We took the ferry IJmuiden-Newcastle friday afternoon (night boat), drove in 6 hours(saturday) to Oban and took the ferry to Mull(saturday afternoon). It was a quick and easy way to travel like this.

  3. This sounds and looks great Erica!
    Blue water and funny Puffins...

  4. That is quite a journey! Last time we were in Mull our thirteen year old was only four! Definitely time to visit again. Glad you made it to Iona. Did you make it to Jura?

  5. It was worth it! We stayed at Mull for the week, visited also the beautiful islands Staffa and Lunga. Next year (summer) we love to visited the outer hebrides and hopefully Jura.

  6. Haha, ik had deze post eerst moeten lezen voor op de laatste te reageren. Ziet er echt geweldig uit daar!


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