May 26, 2011

SPITI -crocheted necklace-

crocheted necklace SPITI -ivory-
crocheted necklaces SPITI -black&ivory- 

Crocheted necklaces are one of my latest designs (besides knitting I love crocheting). I am not sure if they are ready yet... maybe after a few days I will know if there is something missing or not... 

May 15, 2011

UPSHI mini vase cover

This fresh green flower mini cover UPSHI is made of wool.  The top of the vase is finished with a fine crochet rim in lovely bottle green. This mini vase with handle is sweet with some single flower stems in it!

May 13, 2011

vase cover mini

After a fresh start last monday I worked out some new ideas.
These vase covers mini are made around some small beer and soap  bottles.

May 11, 2011

May 08, 2011

Isle of Mull - part one

We stayed for one week at the Isle of Mull-Schotland-. Enjoying camping, walking up Ben More the highest peak of the island - we had spectacular views over sea and cliffs - visiting some uninhabited islands - visiting pretty Hebridean villages - watching sheep, seals, puffins and golden eagles - waking up every morning with the most beautiful views at Loch na Keal...  
Loch na Keal
Ben More
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