April 26, 2011


Mirjam Boon is the designer behind the label WIT (white). For the applications she combines a variety of materials with embroidery, uses various stitching, flowers and unfinished fabrics, mixes themes...all white.
Here some of my favorites,
mug KNIT

necklace KEY with porcelain key


April 23, 2011

April 21, 2011


From today you can see at myhomeshopping.nl new, beautiful and interesting furniture and home accessories from the best residential web shops. You'll find over 50,000 products from dozens of web shops and nearly 200 brands. For all residential styles, tastes and budget there is something to find. I am pleased to be mentioned on this inspiring site!

April 13, 2011

spring colors

My sunday activity was crocheting with a friend in the garden. 
Enjoying talking, spring & sun!

April 12, 2011


These are some experiments / result of a printing workshop I followed recently.

Deer with antlers printed on a knitting.

April 07, 2011

bOxed (great designs in a box)

A few month ago I was approached to show my products at the brand new site bOxed(great designs in a box). They are the first website in the Middle East to take the lead in connecting independent designers with consumers. bOxed is an online store showcasing a great collection of modern furniture and accessories. 
I was honored with an 'in the spotlights' interview.
Some lovely products;
                  1.          2.           3.
1.vessel by ETCO
3. linen doll by LEILALOU

April 06, 2011

spool vases

I am in love with these vases, inspired by the forms and structures of industrial yarn bobbins. I use these yarn bobbins daily to produce my knitted material.
The series, 'Spool' vases is made by  Mara Skujeniece of Studio Skujeniece who takes much of its inspiration from her Latvian origins. The vases arose from her interest and love for textiles.  Varying in size, texture and structure, the family of vases is made of white porcelain. There are currently seven different models available. Handmade in The Netherlands.
Spool vases  made by Studio Skujeniece

April 05, 2011

from Amsterdam with love

This lovely picture I found in my mailbox this morning. 
Signed *a happy vase cover owner from Amsterdam*
vase cover beetle

April 03, 2011


On our few hours walk in The Millingerwaard yesterday we came across this Woodhenge.
These memorial Trees-Woodhenge-consists of the remains of a former hardwood forest that once grew.This thick, 8500 years old oak logs are now as hard as stone.They are in 1996 during dredging operations in the river Waal found. These trees symbolize  the restoration of the original nature in the Millingerwaard. 
We all know Stonehenge. This is a prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire.

But I was surprised to find a Seahenge.

This Seahenge, a 4000 year old structure,  was discovered in 1998. This monument is located just off the coast of Norfolk England. The purpose of the circle to this day unknown.
The famous archaeological find is now housed in the newly refurbished Lynn Museum, at Kings Lynn.
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