March 31, 2011

March 29, 2011

kazim,frog jelly & seaweed

Today I have finished some of my unfinished projects in my studio. These knitted necklaces where waiting for quite a while. Happy that I have finished two of the three...
 necklace KAZIM
 necklace FROG JELLY
necklace SEAWEED

March 21, 2011


Looking for some handmade, fair trade or ethical products beautifully finished,
made with heart, and bought directly from the designer/maker.This beautiful site Bluecaravan based in Australia has it all!
Bluecaravan supports and promotes direct trade with emerging and independent designers. They insist on ethical production both locally and overseas. They believe that objects ‘warmed’ by designers, artists and artisans have a
quality like no other… and that ‘ethical’ is no longer a choice separated from style and design. 

March 14, 2011

driftwood and lace

Oak Beach at the Baltic sea is a beautiful location to introduce the street art of the polish artist NeSpoon.
The objects are made of very delicate lace and driftwood. They survived for over a week at the beach.

March 13, 2011

frog jelly

A  favorite pattern of mine is *Frog jelly*.  
I made this small knitted tablecloth which is nice to decorate your table with!

March 09, 2011

Starling miracle

Watching the "jeugdjournaal" (kids news) on t.v this evening we saw this wonderful item.
There is a big flock of starlings above the city of Utrecht making a beautiful spectacle in the sky every night " called a miracle above Utrecht"

March 08, 2011

vase cover to be

Today I worked on an order. This knitted material has yet to be felted and then sewn together to a 
So, it was a very productive day and that is a nice feeling. 

March 07, 2011

Keith Jarrett - TOKYO SOLO

The  sun is shining in my studio while I am working and listening to some beautiful piano music performed by Keith Jarrett (1945). He started playing the piano at the age of 3. His genre is jazz and classical  music. Because of his solo improvisations during live concerts, he became one of the best-selling jazz artists in history.

March 03, 2011

vase AKA

Instead of using the knitting machine I knitted this vase by hand. I am working on a small collection of hand knitted vases. Vase AKA is made of wool and has a glass vase inside.  At the background the knitted material for vase cover BLOOM

March 01, 2011


Today we have a party! Eli our youngest (blue shirt) celebrates her 9th birthday. 
On the birthday of my daughters I always look old photos. Eli with her big sister Nina in 2002.
How cute...and how much fun they still have!
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