February 25, 2011

wild knitting

Yesterday we visited the first Wild Knitting exhibition at the zoo Artis in Amsterdam. In recent months, more than three hundred 'Wild knitters' have made thousands of meters knitwear.
The knitters took inspiration from nature. The result is that the bridges, benches, statues and trees in Artis are covered with colorful, woolly and original fabrics. So this grey day turned into a colorful one!
Wild knitting is a new form of street art, which originated in 2005 in Houston.


  1. What a lovely idea! Knit always make the world a prettier place!

    Camila F.

  2. Geweldig! Wat een leuk initiatief. En dat katje in de boom. Very cute! Thanks 4 sharing!

  3. A whole movement of knitter ... amazing! World wide knitting street art pops up. It's great!

  4. This looks like great fun!
    I feel lijk dressing my trees up in knitted garnments!
    Mariska Eyck


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