February 25, 2011

wild knitting

Yesterday we visited the first Wild Knitting exhibition at the zoo Artis in Amsterdam. In recent months, more than three hundred 'Wild knitters' have made thousands of meters knitwear.
The knitters took inspiration from nature. The result is that the bridges, benches, statues and trees in Artis are covered with colorful, woolly and original fabrics. So this grey day turned into a colorful one!
Wild knitting is a new form of street art, which originated in 2005 in Houston.

February 23, 2011

warm light

The knitted light object Matt promises its user a high level of entertainment. It is made for being moved and played with. Through the use of an environmentally friendly energy saving bulb, there is no heat emission. LLOTLLOV
Ray is a lamp, which has the capability to follow its owner on his/her heel. The cable of a hanging lamp is prolonged by 12 metres, thus enabling Ray to become a lying, hanging, or atmospheric lamp. The possibilities for using the device are unlimited, adapting to any method of playful arrangement. LLOTLLOV

February 22, 2011

February 18, 2011

delft blue

For several years now I am collecting blue and white tableware. I have found a lot of plates, bowles and mugs in the recycle store but there are also some fine new pieces. A friend of mine gave me a nice blue and white Japanese bowl with spoon. It all mixes very beautiful together.  How nice are these?
The water jug and mug "New Delft" was developed based on the strength and value of the authentic 17th century pottery production in Delft. The design was developed in collaboration with Jacob de Baan, Marjet Wessels Boer and Margit Seland. The design is modern and contemporary, while the decoration is inspired by the ancient markings and signatures of the owners. There are plates in different sizes and a wine jug. via  LaVieJolie
This mug is one of a set of 4 patterns. Poem is a motif of Thai proverbs. This is a fair trade product.

Table stories by Tord Boontje  This collection is a rich graphic narrative on everyday ceramic plates, bowls and glasses.The drawings for the plates are filled with flowers, deer, squirrel, birds, bear, butterflies, horses, bunnies and a peacock. The animals and flowers seem to merge and to grow out of each other. Some of the elements we have hidden inside the patterns, there is for example a hidden mouse in one of the plates. Over time you can discover new elements while eating. via NordicNew-online 

February 10, 2011

1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Last night we visited the concert of Richard Thompson in Tivoli-Utrecht.
Amazing guitar player and beautiful voice.  Love this song about a motorbike and a girl.(he didn't play this yesterday).

February 09, 2011


The Helleborus niger is always one of the first flowering plants
in our garden. I had to pick one for inside... The small dish is a gift of a friend of mine bought
at my favourite shop the Fair trade shop. 

February 07, 2011

hearts me

At the moment my heart knitted designs are favourite, I wonder why...
Knitted stool Hetta in digital magazine Flavourzine by LaVieJolie

Knitted vase cover Hearts in Etsy treasury by Martice
Knitted vase cover Hearts mentioned in dutch Stylingblog by Jeanette van Tol

Thanks everyone!

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