November 12, 2010

ice art

In March of 2010, Jim Denevan and his crew created a large scale artwork on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal, Siberia. The spiral of circles, along a fibonacci curve, grow from an origin of 18" to several miles in diameter.
The project is currently featured on The Anthropologist and is the subject of an upcoming documentary directed by Meredith Danluck.


  1. I think Jim Denevan is amazing! His projects are so intriguing and very beautiful to look at. Thanks also for the nice link to The Anthrologist

  2. Baikal, leuk voor een wintertochtje

  3. Wow, I can only imagine how incredible it looked! I will have to look up his work. My grandmother comes from Siberia, she would be most impressed.
    lovely blog by the way.


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