November 19, 2010

barbara kruger

Because of a major renovation, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam closed since 2004. Currently, the museum temporarily open to the public. Barbara Kruger is one of the artist who made an installation designed especially for the building’s largest gallery, Kruger’s wraps the floor and walls with printed texts that “speak” directly and loudly to the spectator in a chorus of voices. Her provocative, emotionally charged statements about how people regard and treat each other disrupt the decorum of a traditional museum space. Bringing the world into her work and her work into the world, she confronts stereotypes and clich├ęs, shattering them with a rigorous critique, a generous empathy and a sharp wit.
Last april I visited the Moderna Museet in Stockholm where I first saw work by this American artist Barabara Kruger. Her work was installed in the museum entrance areas.


  1. This lady her work is pretty overwelming... It's a shame the Stedelijk Museum is closed for such a long time! Glad to read it is open now, although temporarily.


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