July 31, 2010

vase KOBE

The KOBE vase (which is not ready yet) is one of my new experiments. The rim is made of a woolen crochet stitch and the cover of the vase is knitted. When I've finished it totally I take a new photo!

July 26, 2010

one of my favourites

tara vase
This is one of my favourite small vases. The Japanese flower print is knitted in brown and black wool.
The top is overlocked with a orange crochet rim.

July 11, 2010

new yarns

Yesterday the post delivered the yarns I ordered last week. The colours are not as bright as I usual use but I am looking forward to make new combinations with these!. At the background a glimpse of a new print...


crochet hearts for Maggie

July 10, 2010

HUNZA pillow

Lazy summer day in the shadow...

HETTA vase

A while ago I found this little vase of pink glass in the recycle store. Today, with a piece
of knitting around it's belly, I suddenly knew why I had bought it that day.

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